Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top Ten Things Tarquin is Thankful for

Last night I made a list. Here are the Top Ten Things I, Tarquin Churchwell, am thankful for:

10. The love of my new bride, Godzilla.

9. Brisk sales of the new "Date & Hate Tarq" action toy.

8. The six most beautiful words in the English language: "All you can eat at Denny's!"

7. The great health care system of the USA and her hard-working Social Security Administration.

6. Starting January 1, my hate blogs will be podcast!

5. The SUS inmate who finally told me that when I ask for AA batteries at the store, I shouldn't call them "aaah" batteries.

4. My new situation comedy, Two and a Half Men and Tarq.

3. My new Blogopoly game, shipped to your door in a plain, brown paper wrapper.

2. When I call hot babes on Internet porn sites, they can't see the green stuff growing out of my shorts.

1. My weight is finally down to 350!

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