Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

Welcome, fans, to Tarquin Churchwell's annual Thanksgiving blog! Enjoy yourselves and don't be shy about leaving comments!


Big Boy Bob said...

OK Farm Boy, Now I understand what you really meant when you said you wanted to "grease the pig". Plus,your favorite song "Turkey In The Straw" should have been a dead give away. You're a freak. Go get your gizzard on and leave me alone.

Susan said...

Brilliant! Genius! A definite win for Blog of the Year 2007. Just one question. Is Craig Weaver writing this?

Tarquin said...


The author is ME, Tarquin Churchwell.

Tarquin, the one and only said...

I added something to my name. Had to do this, since there are imitators out there trying to suck off my fame.

Yep, Craig Weaver was writing my book, but then he stopped. I thought he could make up stuff in the book, the way I make up stuff on my blogs, but the book was supposed to be my story with Christa, and Weaver wanted facts. Go figure.

I got even though. I trashed his rep on my blogs. Hehehe