Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drowning in libel but burial at sea requires no embalming

Dear fans and dummies,

I, Tarquin Churchwell, have been lying my head off about Scarlett again.

I will admit this much, she doesn't like me.

Did I make her cry last year? Sure. Did I try to drive her to suicide? You bet! I wrote so many vicious lies about Scarlett, she finally ended up in a hospital with fluid in her lungs.

I would send every woman to a hospital if I could!

On my hater blog, I am playing that recording of her voice again, the one I secretly made more than a year ago. I've played it on my blogs a gazillion times, even though she asked me to stop.

Sometimes I wonder WHY I am playing it. Fed up with my crazy lies after only three weeks of talking with me online, Scarlett basically says in the recording that I'm crazy and to f**k off. In the background, you can hear my odd cackle.

Playing this recording over and over is another example of my bully and stalker personality. I need to call my psychiatrist RIGHT NOW. Maybe he can throw me a life raft!!

Glub, glub.