Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drowning in libel but burial at sea requires no embalming

Dear fans and dummies,

I, Tarquin Churchwell, have been lying my head off about Scarlett again.

I will admit this much, she doesn't like me.

Did I make her cry last year? Sure. Did I try to drive her to suicide? You bet! I wrote so many vicious lies about Scarlett, she finally ended up in a hospital with fluid in her lungs.

I would send every woman to a hospital if I could!

On my hater blog, I am playing that recording of her voice again, the one I secretly made more than a year ago. I've played it on my blogs a gazillion times, even though she asked me to stop.

Sometimes I wonder WHY I am playing it. Fed up with my crazy lies after only three weeks of talking with me online, Scarlett basically says in the recording that I'm crazy and to f**k off. In the background, you can hear my odd cackle.

Playing this recording over and over is another example of my bully and stalker personality. I need to call my psychiatrist RIGHT NOW. Maybe he can throw me a life raft!!

Glub, glub.


Anonymous said...

You're incurable, Tarquin.

Thomas "Tarquin" Churchwell said...

You left a few dumb mistakes on your blog Freak,
You cannot leave a message on a message machine and then claim "I didn't know it was recorded."

Your dumb

You must be real happy to be getting my attention again and I understand this is your way of getting attention from men but nothing is going to come of it. I do not care if you write hate for the next 20 years about me. Bad press is still press, so write away.
And don't compare yourself to Christa. You are not Christa. If you die I'll dance. Let me know when you die!

Tarquin said...

We've all seen my more "civilized" side on this blog, but the above comment is the real, delusional in-your-face lying hate-filled Tarquin Churchwell.

Oh, it's easy for me to speak well of Christa, since she's dead and all. But let me say this about Scarlett. She's never had a illegitmate baby by a married man. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if your moral values tell you its okay, but let's not even imply that Christa was a fucking saint, because that was not the case. Scarlett doesn't claim sainthood either, but she's a good person and accomplished in her own right.

Problem is, she's alive. And a live woman is a threat to Tarko.

I also know in my gut that the last thing Scarlett wants is my sick, demented attention. She doesn't want any comments from a freakzoid like me!!!!

Tarquin said...

Confidential to me:

If I don't like it, I can go away. Truth is, wild horses wouldn't drag me from this blog. My nacissism is being fed, thank you very much.

As I said just last week, this blog is a parody. Last week, I said "it is funny as hell" but my moods swing faster than Poe's pendulum, and today I don't like it as much.

Too bad!

How is it done? It's easy for a person with empathy to put themselves in another person's place, something I would not understand because I am consumed with ME!!

The really telling thing, I still don't know for sure who's writing this, because in the past year I have never once taken the time to step outside myself and notice what other people were doing. I don't mean the things I imagine about others, the phony injustices and all, I do that constantly, but I'm talking now about the way people really are, their personalities, styles of writing, wit, etc. I don't know the first thing about that stuff! It may as well be Chinese.