Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Ten Items on Tarquin Churchwell's Wishlist

Here are the top ten Items on my holiday wishlist:

10. A place of my own because the guards don't allow friends to sleep in my room

9. Book: "20 Things To Do To Yourself on New Year's Eve"

8. Another $5.00 gift certificate from my sister to McDonald's

7. Sugar-free Gummy Bears

6. The best gift anyone can get: an autographed picture of Britney Spears' crotch

5. It's not on the list, but how about some Pampers?

4. A Christmas tree covered in my blog posts

3. Frame for my "Internet Hater of the Year" award

2. Gift certificates for the male enhancement surgery I've read about on sex websites

1. Free lawyer to sue myself for this Top Ten List

1 comment:

Big Boy Bob said...

Number 2 is wrong. You're "not cut". Your dangling foreskin hides your 1"inch dick and since you rarely bathe, your snake smells like old socks and tastes like bad goat cheese. You ain't getting no head from me until you take a bath. Last time I tried eating your pole, it was like a bad meal at Mickey Dee's.